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spa MENU

Nourish your scalp and roots with a luxurious hair treatment of your choice paired with a soothing head massage to promote lustrous, shiny hair and ease tension and stress.

Hair Cream (NEW 100% NATURAL)

Deep conditioning from roots to tips

  • Seaweed and Irish Moss (hydration from the sea, soothes scalp irritation, improve hair shine)
  • Butterfly Pea Flower & Lavender (increases blood flow strengthening hair follicles, slows down excess hair fall, promoting hair growth)
  • Dessert Rose & Jojoba (maintains acidity in the hair, balances oil production, moisturises hair follicles, help control dandruff, good for curly hair)
  • Magnolia & Collagen (rich in amino acids, helps build keratin, fight free radicals and prevent hair damage)
  • Avocado & Bergamot (moisturising, high in natural vitamin ABDE and biotin for silky soft hair)

Our world-class massages offer the perfect treatment for every guest.


Enjoy a soothing oil massage made from our own scented oil blends for you to choose. Thumbs and hands massage the entire body starting with the feet and legs and include the stomach.

Balinese (house favourite)

A variety of techniques such as pressing, squeezing, rubbing and kneading are used to administer this massage, ending with a head massage. This is a full body treatment, with special focus on the neck, shoulders and back.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Relaxing, liquid flowing massage using the forearms in a wave-like motion. Large surface areas of the muscles are massaged. Excellent for anyone who prefers a gentle massage.

Office Massage (house favourite)

This massage begins with a brief foot reflexology and progresses to target the “office muscles” with a focus on the larger muscles of the body. It features pressing, stretching and kneading in the back, shoulder and neck area, which helps to increase circulation, alleviate tension and energises both body and spirit.

Prenatal Massage (advanced reservation required)

This nurturing massage can reduce stress hormones in your body and relax and loosen your muscles. In fact, research shows that regular prenatal massages help expecting mums to relax, and help to relieve insomnia, joint pain, back pain, and leg cramping.


In Japanese, the word Shiatsu means finger pressure. This is an oil free pressure point massage, pressing and holding all the meridians to clear out bad or blocked energy.


Using the palms of the hands, the body is rubbed down in therapeutic, long strokes as well as light, rhythmic, tapping strokes. This massage is both relaxing and energising.

Tandem Couples Massage (advanced reservation required)

You and your partner will experience a truly side-by-side massage while holding hands, same treatment in synchronised perfection using our aromatherapy oils.


Our full body massage focusing on legs and circulatory system. Thumbs and hands reach deeper into the muscle than with other massages and it includes a stomach massage.

This is a 400 year old heat-massage treatment that uses a steamed rounded cloth bundled with herbs and spices to administer the massage, allowing a feeling of warmth to travel deep into the muscles to soothe chronic body aches and pains.

The bundles are rapidly pressed on the body until the desired temperature has been reached, then used to administer a massage.

Sugar Scrubs (NEW 100% NATURAL)

Tiny sugar crystals will buff, polish and exfoliate your skin to a natural grow. It will brighten your skin while increasing blood circulation. Choose from our extensive variety of body scrubs, all created in our on-site laboratory.

  • Acai Beauty Berry (Brazilian beauty berry, anti-aging properties, vitamin A & C boost cell turnover, improve collagen production)
  • Banana (hydrate/moisturise, balance sebum production, soothe rough texture and heal dry, parched skin)
  • Bamboo & Lemongrass (strengthen & tighten skin, firm & tone appearance)
  • Butterfly Pea Flower (full of antioxidants, increase collagen production and skin elasticity)
  • Coconut (highly moisturising,  antimicrobial, helps heal blemished skin and soothing to dry skin)
  • Coffee (anti-cellulite, improve circulation)
  • Irish Sea Moss (Contains 15 of the 18 essential elements that make up the human body, hydrates skin and protects form environmental elements)
  • Lavender & Witch Hazel (calming and relaxing, anti-inflammatory, herbaceous relaxing fragrance)
  • Lemon & Matcha (full of antioxidants, antibacterial, balances oil production and reduces breakouts)
  • Rose Petal (antibacterial properties & calming, best for sensitive skin)

Dry Brushing

Combination of brushing and kneading, promotes lymphatic drainage and detoxification, helps to reduce cellulite.


Rejuvenate and glow! This six-in-one facial features vacuum suction for deep cleaning, multi polar radio-frequency therapy which helps lift, firm and tighten your skin, an cooling mist to firm and tone, ultrasound to increase circulation and improve skin care product penetration, a mask of your choice, and a facial massage.

Choose from our facial masks, all products created in our on-site laboratory, including our make-up remover, Flower remedies face wash, Mangosteen face scrub, Face balm, Bio Cellulose mask, facial serum, moisturiser and lip balm.

Coconut Bio Cellulose Mask

Special bacteria feeding on coconut water and extrudes out cellulose. It’s all natural, highly absorbent and it’t the perfect way to deliver serum to your face.

  • Butterfly Pea Flower (revitalizing)
  • Orange Phyto Cell (rejuvenating)
  • Lemon Matcha (oil balancing)
  • Seaweed & Algae (detoxifying)
  • Avocado & Bergamot (moisture reboot)
  • Avena & Anise (skin calming)
  • Dessert Rose (anti acne)
  • Hyaluronic Acid (brighten & hydrate)

Royal Spa Masks

Our brush on colloidal gold mask promotes glowing, healthier looking skin. Strengthened elastin, will keep your skin firm and toned. Our gold mask helps to reduces appearances of sun damage and age spots. Promotes glowing, healthier-looking skin.

  • Colloidal Gold (anti aging) & Colloidal Gold Face Cream *

(* extra charges apply)

Foot reflexology invigorates tired, aching, and sore feet, leaving them feeling fresh and soft. Some of the many benefits of foot reflexology are a general feeling of calmness and serenity, improved blood circulation, and an increase in physical energy levels. Enjoy this treatment sitting at our outdoor spa area, enjoying the sound of water and listening to soft balinese tunes.

  • Ear Candling

    Clear ear wax and debris inside your ear canal with this ancient practice dating back to 2500BC.

  • Milk Bath

    Relax to the sound of a waterfall in our outdoor kabuki bath house.

  • Pedicures

    Pamper your feet and leave with nails shining.

  • V-Spa/Ratus (pre-book)

    A traditional Javanese treatment for women to cleanse the vaginal area.

  • We are working on something exciting, stay tuned!

    We are always researching and planning new treatments to boost your inner and outer glow.