What is self-care?

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The type of self-care we’re talking about is so much more than just keeping a ‘grateful list’ or occasional face-mask selfies. Self-care is creating space for yourself to think, to relax, and to accept yourself as you are. In fact, it’s a form of emotional hygiene and it should be as important as personal hygiene! When personal hygiene became common practice, life expectancy rose by 50% within just a few decades.

Imagine how things might change if we gave as much importance to self-care as we do to washing our hands after going to the toilet?

Millennials and Self-Care

One of the best groups at giving this level of importance to self-care has been millennials. Despite often being slated as selfish and lazy, millennials are the biggest cohort striving to improve and take care of themselves They not only spend the most on self-care products & services like workout regimes, self-care apps and life coaching, they also make far more commitments to personal improvement than any other generation.Much of the millennials self-care commitment comes back to the internet, social media and increased awareness, but not only as a mode of escaping the negativity of modern media. The growth of social media and inter-connectedness has also created a much more accepting generation. Where once we may have labelled someone with a mental illness as crazy or lazy, now we understand the reasons behind this and encourage them to practice self-care as a mode of treatment.